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What Are the Advantages of Geothermal Energy?

  • Geothermal Energy Sourcing Is Good for the Environment

  • Geothermal Is a Reliable Source of Renewable Energy

  • High Efficiency of Geothermal Systems.

  • Little to No Geothermal System Maintenance.

  • Environmental Concerns about Greenhouse Emissions.

What Are the Uses of Geothermal Energy?
Geothermal energy can heat and cool buildings directly and indirectly, eliminating the need to use fossil fuels to heat and air condition buildings. Though the amount may vary, every square meter of land does have heat flowing through it.

According to the U.S. Energy Information, in 2019 U.S. Renewable Energy surpasses coal for the first time in 130 years.  These energy sources lead the charge in creating a healthier environment while leading the way in reducing the country’s harmful chemicals and these sources of energy are less expensive than they have been in years past for commercial and residential properties. It is estimated that geothermal energy makes up 4 percent of electricity generation in the U.S.

What Are the Benefits of Geothermal Energy?
A main benefit of geothermal energy is that it utilizes the flow of heat, which means that it does not need any fuel. Furthermore, using geothermal energy instead of electrical energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 90%, demonstrating the significant impact geothermal energy can have on fossil fuel consumption.

How does this translate to the end user clients of Advanced Business Solutions?

We will primarily utilize geothermal heating which is a ground source of  that is typically installed five feet below the ground heat pumps for heating and cooling. This process uses 75% less energy than traditional heating and cooling systems and save clients thousands of dollars over the course of a year and the lifecycle of the system.

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Did you know that Advanced Business Solutions is the lead developer in creating one of Georgia’s newest communities from the point of conception to completion as a City?

Did you know that Advanced Business Solutions is presently creating the concept for a mixed-use development that will be one of the few in the country powered by geothermal and hydroelectricity?

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