Ihsan Sharif

Ihsan Sharif is an Atlanta native, born and reared. He attended Georgia State University, majoring in Marketing. After GSU, He moved right into the real estate world, interning with Saleem & Co Real Estate Services, working with their multi-family properties.
Starting in construction, Sharif worked in Project Management and then moved on to Property Management, all between 2012 to 2015.
In late 2015, He decided to jump into the Real Estate Market as a Sales Agent, focusing mainly on short term and long-term investments, while also dealing with personal buyers and sellers.
He kept an eye on the up-and-coming real estate markets for his clients in order for them to make exceptional acquisitions that fit their criteria.
In 2016, he began investing and developing his own properties while helping others as well, deepening his grasp on investing and business building.
By 2018, he had built a handful of successful and growing businesses that specialized several fields. Realizing, noticing and acting on opportunities is a skill that very few have. Continuing to advance and increase through constant learning and networking has led Ihsan Sharif to Advanced Business Solutions founder, Frank Kemp and they have expanded their portfolio of business ventures.

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