Franklin Kemp

Franklin D. Kemp was born April 21, 1986. Mr. Kemp began the first of his many business ventures at the age of 17. Within one calendar year Mr. Kemp had expanded the business to three locations. Within five years Mr. Kemp formed Auto Tech Industrial which serviced a host of governmental & private agencies. It should be noted that Mr. Kemp, himself personally negotiated long-term contracts through various industries of business. From Debt Collections (Debt Management), Merchant Processing, to Tax Preparations & CPA services, Consulting & Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Development, and Renewable Energy & Renewable Energy Tech sectors.

Mr. Kemp’s tenacious nature created a pathway for him to evolve his business model to better suit the ever-changing needs of clients across several industries. ABS’s corporate mantra: Creating new solutions for old problems. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Kemp’s passions are to create comparable &competitive opportunities for underprivileged black youth. One of Mr. Kemp’s many titles include Community Youth Liaison for the nonprofit Community Unification Initiative, Inc. He has personally volunteered for C.U.I.’s annual A.I.D.S. Walk and their Youth Violence Awareness campaign throughout the years. Mr. Kemp’s companies have sponsored free community events through their Idle Youth Program.

Mr. Kemp’s professional titles are as follows:

●Family Financial, Founder

●Auto Tech Industrial: Founder, CEO & CFO

●Kemp White & Associates Inc.: Founder & President

●Advanced Business Solutions: Founder & CEO

●Black Achievement Fund: Executive Director of Blacklist

●CUI Inc.: Community Youth Liaison

●Idle Youth Program: Founder

“The veracity of a man’s character is forged in solitude.”


We Help Businesses Thrive…

Advanced Business Solutions is a dynamic resource for pooling diverse industries into one company with the goal of delivering services for clients. We make our impact through several financial services industries such as credit card processing, tax preparation, asset recovery management (Collections), basic accounting practices, and Certified Public Accountants.The ABS Network also provides fleet management that extends into custom detailing of RV’s, trucking companies, and high net worth clients who prefer consist concierge servicing of vehicles. ABS also utilizes a network of corporate attorneys who advise businesses on their numerous legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations as the company continues to grow while simultaneously facing litigation that require complex legal action.
Our commercial real estate experience connects owners, lenders, brokers, multifamily, and retail to create developments that will be the pride of communities for years to come. The company ensures that there is experienced strategic consulting for every real estate transaction. On opposite ends of the spectrum of commercial real estate is the type of energy our network seeks to power commercial developments through renewable energy. Renewal energy includes geothermal, wind, solar, hydro-power, and biomass which leads the way in reducing the country’s carbon emissions with alternative energy sources.

At Advanced Business Solutions we believe that this highly professional and effective level of service should be available to everyone – from small businesses to individual entrepreneurs. That’s why we strive to bring the kind of premium quality you associate with those A-list brands in an affordable package. Our dedication is to provide the very best services through our proprietary business network.

Another thing that sets the ABS network apart is our commitment to transparency and communication. We like to keep our clients informed at every step of the way and offer a friendly customer service that will always be available. We offer all of our clients consultation to ensure your vision, goals, and mission are cohesive in ensuring your organization are pursing the right vertical transaction with the use of market intelligence to make the best decision for your future.

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