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Advanced Business Solutions creates significant value in our impact through Commercial Real Estate and Renewable Energy. However, it is our Strategic Financing that is the main focus of serving as the backbone of making any business deal into a tangible asset called commercial real estate. Our commercial real estate experience connects owners, lenders, brokers, multifamily, and retail to create developments that will be the pride of communities for years to come. We utilize strategic financing as a tool to match investors with projects that we are capable of executing. These deals are great for businesses that want to rely on options outside of main street banking institutions to provide broker services that will create the best alternative for the organizations such as commercial mortgage banks, private firms, and high net worth individuals seeking to develop commercial real estate developments. Often, we ensure that niche financing options are covered through raising capital debt, equity financing, and trade financing throughout our ABS Network. The company ensures that there is experienced strategic consulting for every real estate transaction.


ABS investment banking network serves small to middle market companies with the highest value in merger and acquisitions and private capital placements. We believe in creating value for our clients by taking a needs assessment to evaluate the objectives, strategies, to execute growth for portfolio transactions. We like to think that we bring Wall Street to Main Street USA by utilizing a network of financial investors ranging from institutional investors, business acquisition companies, and a host of financing options available from initiation to completion.

Disclaimer: Advanced Business Solutions is not a registered investment banker it uses an affiliate network system to connect clients with investment banking companies that are registered and qualified to provide direct services as described on The ABS Network website.

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Did you know that Advanced Business Solutions is the lead developer in creating one of Georgia’s newest communities from the point of conception to completion as a City?

Did you know that Advanced Business Solutions is presently creating the concept for a mixed-use development that will be one of the few in the country powered by geothermal and hydroelectricity?

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