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Franklin Kemp
Franklin KempAdvanced Business Solutions Founder
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Ihsan SharifAdvanced Business Solutions Director of Real Estate
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Ozarmehr Izatullo
Ozarmehr IzatulloHydro Power, Electrical and Tendering Engineer
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Advanced Business Solutions is a dynamic resource for pooling diverse industries into one company with the goal of delivering services for clients. We make our impact through several industries such as Commercial Real Estate, Strategic Financing, and Renewable Energy. Our commercial real estate experience connects owners, lenders, brokers, multifamily, and retail to create developments that will be the pride of communities for years to come. ABS has secured over 50 million dollars in financing for various projects. We utilize strategic financing as a tool to match investors with projects that we are capable of executing. These deals are great for businesses that want to rely on options outside of main street banking institutions to provide broker services that will create the best alternative for the organizations such as commercial mortgage banks, private firms, and high net worth individuals seeking to develop commercial real estate developments. Often, we ensure that niche financing options are covered through raising capital debt, equity financing, and trade financing throughout our ABS Network. The company ensures that there is strategic consulting for every real estate transaction.

On opposite ends of the spectrum of commercial real estate is the type of energy our Advanced Business Solutions network seeks to power commercial developments through renewable energy. Renewal energy includes geothermal, wind, solar, hydroelectric power, and biomass energy. Our company will primarily utilize geothermal heating for clients. This is a ground source of energy taping into the heat produced from the earth water with pumps installed five feet below the ground with heat pumps for heating and cooling. This process uses 75% less energy than traditional heating and cooling systems.

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